The last Service of Public Worship took place on Sunday, March 4th, 2007. Members of The City Church, New York were automatically sent a Letter of Transfer through the Church Office.

Sometimes people tell me how disappointed they are to find so many hypocrites in the church. I suppose the same things are sometimes said about synagogues and other places of worship. It is foolish to deny it; and I make no attempt to do so. But it astonishes me that people expect the church to be perfect. They forget that if the church were perfect it wouldn’t let them in. I couldn’t belong to a church of perfect people, because I wouldn’t qualify. Would you? When we complain of the church’s imperfection, we complain of the very thing that allows us to belong. There are a great many hypocrites in the church. But then, places of worship are very good places for hypocrites to be. For the message that is heard there is one of Truth and Grace. And that is just what hypocrites need.

-Dr. R. Maurice Boyd