Dr. R. Maurice Boyd

Dr. R. Maurice Boyd was the Minister of The City Church, New York.

Dr. Boyd’s ministry included preaching and teaching in the major pulpits and universities of the Nation and abroad and he has been the Theme Speaker at many conferences.

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and ordained in the Methodist Church there, he served churches in Ireland and Canada before coming to New York City. Dr. Boyd was Minister of The City Church, New York (1993-2007), of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York (1988-1992) and of Metropolitan United Church, London, Ontario, the largest congregation of the United Church of Canada (1975-1988). He holds degrees in theology, music and philosophy.

Four books of Dr. Boyd’s sermons have been published: A Lover’s Quarrel with the World, with a Foreword by Malcolm Muggeridge, (1985); Permit Me Voyage (1989); Running to Paradise (1990) and Corridors of Light (1991). Also published are The Fine Art of being Imperfect (1998), a series of broadcast talks and Why Doesn’t God Do Things Perfectly? (1999) a defense of the goodness of God in the face of evil and suffering.

Dr. Ralph Blair

Dr. Blair was a liturgist leading the congregation in the Prayer of Confession and Prayer of Thanksgiving and Intercession.

Dr. Ralph Blair worshiped at The City Church, New York since the first service in 1993. A native of Youngstown, Ohio, Dr. Ralph Blair is in the private practice of psychotherapy for over 30 years. A graduate of Bowling Green State University, he holds a master’s degree from the University of Southern California and a doctorate from Pennsylvania State University. He also attended both Dallas and Westminster Theological Seminaries. In 1969, Ralph came to New York to accept the position of Director of Counseling with the City University of New York, after which, he moved into private practice. Dr. Blair is a Fellow of the American Orthopsychiatric Association and a Charter Member of the American Association of Christian Counseling. He is also a member of the American Scientific Affiliation and the Evangelical Theological Society. In 1975, he founded Evangelicals Concerned, a national organization for the support of Christian gay men and lesbians and from its inception has taught the local chapter’s weekly Bible study.

At City Church, Dr. Blair regularly taught Bible Studies as part of the Bible Study program. He authored One Foolishness or Another (1999), Trust (1996), and Anger (1995), and is editor of Record and Review, a quarterly religion review.

Myria Vassian

Myra was the Director of Music.

Myra Vassian grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. She received a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from Baylor University in Texas, and a Master of Arts from Western Carolina University. Awarded an International Rotary Scholarship, she studied for a year at the Conservatory of Music in Zurich, and four years later, earned her Performing Artists Certificate at the Biel Opera Studio. She has performed many operatic roles. In addition to teaching music at The Convent of the Sacred Heart School, Myra teaches voice students. Myra became Director of Music at The City Church in 1997.