It is a common mistake to suppose that only religious people worship. The truth is that everyone worships something. You see, the word “worship” is a shortening of “worth-ship” and it means, “to ascribe worth.” It is a way of stating what we believe to be worth our time and attention. And we all do it, whether we ascribe worth to fame or money or security or power or sex. Whatever it is we are really after, that’s the thing we worship. So let’s not limit the activity to religious folk. What is it you worship? You should know, for you want to be sure it’s big enough for you and that it’s worth what it’s costing you every day. What we are really after takes our time, our attention, our energy. What we worship, in the end, costs us our life.

-R. Maurice Boyd


The last Public Service of Worship was held March 4, 2007. All Services of Worship at The City Church, New York endeavored:

so to present Jesus Christ in the power of the Spirit, that men may put their trust in Him as Savior and receive Him as their Lord, in the fellowship of the Church.

To quicken the conscience by the Holiness of God,

To feed the mind with the Truth of God,

To purge the imagination by the Beauty of God,

To open the heart to the Love of God, and

To devote the will to the Purpose of God. ”

William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury